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About Wendy's

Wendy's is an international fast food restaurant chain in America.In November 15. 1969, Dave Thomas found it in Columbus in Ohio. Its headquarters were shifted to Dublin, Ohio on 29 January 2006. The restaurant emerged as the world's third largest fast food chain of hamburger after Burger King and McDonald's. The company merged with a publicly traded company known as Triarc Companies Inc. which is the parent company of Arby's.

In the year 1976, Wendy's first Canadian restaurant started in Hamilton in Ontario. By the end of the same year in December it opened its 500th restaurant in Toronto and in 1978 it opened its 1000th restaurant in Springfield, Tennessee.

The Sisters Chicken was founded by Wendy's in 1978 which was sold to its largest franchisor in 1987. Then the European Wendy's opened in Munich in 1979. In the same year, the salad bar was introduced by the restaurant and it was the first fast-food chain to do so.

In Asia, Wendy's opened its first restaurant in 1980 in Japan and then in Hong Kong in 1982, in the Philippines and Singapore in 1983 and in South Korea in 1984. There was a slowdown in 1986 in the performance of the restaurant chain. So Wendy's decided to restructure its cleanliness standards, menu and other operational details. This was done in order to make sure that the store meets its parent company's goals and standards and stay competitive in the market. Its outlets in Hong Kong and Singapore were closed in the 1986 and in 1987.

In between 1988-1990, there was a global expansion of the restaurant chain in  Mexico, New Zealand, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey, Guatemala, and Italy which is the U.S. Naval Base in Naples. Its first restaurant in Greece was founded at Syntagma Square which was Wendy's first foreign fast-food chain in the country. The Greek market was then abandoned in 2002 when the company opened its outlets in 12 restaurants in 3 cities.18 restaurants were opened in Argentina in 1996 which then closed after 4 years because of the economic crisis. The South Korean outlets were closed in 1998 as all the 15 outlets were closed. In 2000, it closed the outlets in UK, Argentina, and Hong Kong. After signing a franchise agreement, it entered the Singapore marketer again in 2009 but this was also for a short duration as it was closed in April 2015. Then it planned to start 50 restaurants in Argentina and Japan. For the first time, it entered the Russian market to open 180 restaurants in 10 years duration. It opened the first restaurant in Georgia in 2013 and initiated an agreement to open 25 restaurants in Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

All its restaurants in Russia were closed in 2014. In India, its first outlet opened in Gurgaon.

Its presence is spread across 6537 locations as on 2 January 2017, out of which 330 are owned by the company, 6207 are franchised with 77% in North America.

The announcement regarding the acquisition of 97 Wendy's restaurants throughout South Florida by JAE Restaurant Group was announced in September 2016. This Restaurant group is among the largest franchise owners in the country, which owns 177 Wendy's restaurants,

You  can primarily find hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, beverages and desserts  that include signature Frosty

The Wendy's provides many offers which you can check while placing your order online and selecting the suitable option, to order your favorite food items. Thus you can avail exciting discounts on the final price in the cart.

Wendy's Free Shipping Policy

Wendy's has the third largest burger chain in the world. It provides free delivery of food items to the locations where delivery is possible. There is free delivery on both Talabat and Carriage. If you are a burger fanatic, you can enjoy sitting in the comfort of your home. It is a perfect choice for your cravings in late night, and early mornings, as in selected areas it offers 24/7 home delivery option. The home delivery option has in the Wendy's Bawabat in Abu Dhabi restaurants. This facility has enabled the residents of UAE to treat themselves with cooling desserts at the end of their meal, such as the Frosty Ice cream for just AED 8. Wendy's has left a consistent mark through its deliciously different attitude in the F&B market. It is operated by Alghanim Industries which is one of the largest privately owned companies. In the restaurants, Wendy's lettuce and fresh tomatoes are locally sourced. The burgers are made out of 100% Halal Australian Angus beef which is served hot off th

Wendy's Return Policy

Wendy's doesn't have any provision for returning the ordered items. But you would never ever get a chance to feel like returning the food items you have ordered as they are extremely delicious. It sells a Frosty dessert which is a frozen dairy dessert in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Other items include Baconator which is a quarter-pound patty topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, 3 strips of bacon and 2 cheese slices. Similarly there is double and triple Baconator, Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger, black bean burger which is a meatless veggieburger whose ingredients include black beans, wild rice, farro, onions, brown rice, carrots, quinoa, corn, green bell peppers, and red bell peppers; and the sauce and seasonings include red wine vinegar, chili peppers, cumin, cilantro, oregano, and sea salt. You will definitely be tempted to place your order again with Wendy's and try its various dishes. Thus you can get a chance to taste the variety of items it sells. This is how its customers have grown

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How to Use Wendy's Coupon Codes?

You can use Wendy's offers for getting good discounts while ordering your favorite products from the restaurant's online website. The coupons or promo codes can be used  as per the following instructions:

1. Select the items you want to purchase and add them to your shopping bag.

2. When you move to the checkout option, you can find an option to choose from among the available offers that are suitable for your order.

3. Then you can see the discounted final price in the cart after which you can proceed to checkout and make the payment.

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How to Save from Wendy's?

You can save while buying from Wendy's in a number of ways.

While ordering your favorite food items, make sure that you are making use of the available offers before check out. You can find information regarding a  number of offers on various online websites and also in Wendy's online site.

Select the SMS alert and sign up for email option during the checkout process, to keep yourself updated about the latest offers by the restaurant which you can use for ordering food items in your next transaction from the Wendy's.

Sign up for email and get $1 off on premium combo coupon on your birthday.

Also, you can get $1 discount on ordering a premium hamburger from Wendy's, after email sign up.

Wendy's Review

Wendy's is the best destination for you to have delicious food. After phasing out the "Big classic ", no signature sandwich is sold by the company such as the Burger King Whopper or the Big Mac of McDonald's but its spot is replaced by the Dave's which was introduced in 2011. As a signature item, Wendy's uses square hamburger patties hanging over the edge of a circular bun.

Wendy's chain is famous for sea salt fries, square hamburgers and a soft serve ice cream combined with frozen starch and this dish is termed as the Frosty.

There are two types of Hamburgers which you can find at the restaurant, i.e the "Junior patty"1.78-ounce patty and a  single 4-ounce patty. The 4-ounce patties are available in single, double and triple sizes but the junior patties are sold in single and double patties. Initially, there were only fried and grilled chicken sandwiches available but then came the spicy chicken sandwich which became popular. It was easy to make and the same condiments were used as in the standard breaded chicken sandwich. Similarly, the Frescata line of sandwiches, the Turkey and Swiss, the Ham and the Swiss were also added to the main menu. Frescata sandwich was discontinued in the mid-December in 2007.

Wendy's became the first fast-food chain in 1988 to create a value menu at a single price point, with items priced at 99¢ which was later increased to $2 in 2007 because of the increase in costs at the Super Value Menu.

The restaurant began its breakfast menu in its stores in the US and Canada in mid-2007 which was not much successful. Then the menu was modified into a one similar to lunch or dinner menu, containing value meals and sides such as blended fruit. It has different breakfast sandwiches that are served on biscuits,  frescuit and Kaiser rolls, breakfast burritos, and side orders of hash browns, muffins, and cinnamon sticks. This new menu was designed to ease the operation, reduce costs and preparation time. In 2016, the restaurant made an announcement regarding a transition plan of sourcing cage-free eggs by 2002 in US and Canadian locations which serve breakfast.

Any of the food products available in Wendy's restaurant can be either purchased online or by visiting the store. You can save a lot while making the purchase in various  ways:

1. By purchasing the products during the festive seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas, New year event, Mother's day, Father's day etc., you can avail the best offers and save a lot.

2. You should sign up for email and provide your phone number to keep yourself updated about the latest discounts and promo codes which you can use while initiating your next purchases.

3. You can save $1 on any premium hamburger on signing up for email.

4. Avail a discount of $1 in Wendy's on any premium combo coupon, on your birthday, after email sign up.

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