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BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons

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About BJ's Wholesale Club

BJ's is an American wholesale product originating from the state of Ohio, which provides retailing services to its users. It is a membership only club, which means that only the members of the club can get the services offered at various stores. The store offers its services in the state of Ohio and the Eastcoast of the United States. The HQ of the store is in the Westborough, MA area of the United States. It is a public company, which has "Retailing" as its business listing. It means that the company is authorized to offer services in the field of retail. The company is also present on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol of "BJ" as it is a Public company.

Mervyn Weich founded the company in the year 1984 and named it after her daughter's name. It has survived over the course of time and has a life of around 34 years. Over the course of time, the company has undergone various changes in its management and currently Leonard Green & Partners own it. The current owner bought the company in the year 2011.

It is one of the major wholesale Club in the country, which has around 215 stores in its service areas. The store also operates around 131 gas station from where the consumers can get gas for their vehicles. It is also one of the major revenue generators in the country as the total revenue of the company in the fiscal year 2015 was $12 Billion. The wholesale club is one of the major employers in the country as more than 25,000 people work for different stores of the company.

The Wholesale Club stores serve hundreds and thousands of people in more than 16 states of the country where they operate. It offers special offers to its members on a wide range of products, which are not available to the non-members. The users can get pricing discounts and special deals. The store also provides a credit card with the help of which the users can get discounts and cash back services. The users have to pay little fee up to 50$ in order to become a member. They have to review the membership on annual basis. There are premium membership packages as well which offer special discounts. The details of these are available on the online website of the store for the consumers.

The company offers a wide range of products, which are available in the stores of BJ's Wholesale Club or Bjs.com, which is the online site of the store. The products offered are in the range of Clothing, Toys, Beauty & Health, Home, Furniture, Grocery, Outdoor, Sporting Goods, and Electronics etc. These types of products are available for the users at discounted prices depending upon the status of the consumers. Pricing may vary for the normal members and those that have a credit card of the store.

The company sells its products in its stores as well as on its online website. All the items selection and pricing are available on the online site of the store for the consumers. The can purchase the products from the online site as well. The products reach the consumers on their desired address as per the shipping policy of the store. The users can also purchase the stuff online and choose the pick them up later from the store themselves. In order to aid the customers, the store offers a store locator tool on its site. You can provide your Zip code and locate a store at a nearby location.

In order to facilitate the users to be able to afford the products of the store, it offers a number of ways of getting discounts. The users can use these options and buy products cheap from the store. They can buy more by using the BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons, credit card of the club, special deals, in mail rebates, cash back offerings, free shipping options etc. These opportunities are numerous and we will discuss them in detail in this article.

BJ's Wholesale Club Free Shipping Policy

The Wholesale club sells its products online through its website and delivers them to the people in the United States of America. The shipping services offered by the store may or may not be free depending on various factors such as delivery location, the status of the member, items purchased etc. The best way of finding out the shipping price for the delivery of a particular product to a certain part of the country is to check it on the site of the store. However, there are many items, which qualify for free shipping options. The store offers standard and expedited shipping service. The main difference between the two types of shipping methods is the period of delivery. You have a chance of getting free shipping on standard method when you are present close to the store. Similarly, the online site of the store offers a number of free shipping offerings to the consumers from time to time. Currently, you can get free same day delivery on the purchase of grocery items from the store. The store will offer free shipping on grocery items on one order to a member for an order to 35$ or above. In order to get this offer, you have to use BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons. You can check the Zip code tool to see if your area has this offering. These kinds of offerings are available for the purchase of certain other items as well from time to time. In order to make use of them, you should keep visiting the online site of the store.

BJ's Wholesale Club Return Policy

The store takes pride in saying that it offers high-quality products to its users. However, if the users want to return any product of the store, they can do so if it falls under the return policy. The store has a favorable return policy. It covers most of the items sold by the store. You can return the items bought online or from the store to the nearby store of the club. The return policy on some of the popular items of the store are as follows: 1. The store only accepts items in new condition. The products bought one year ago do not fall under this definition. 2. CDs, DVDs, Software's, games etc. should be unopened. 3. You should return Computers, TVs, Electronic items in original condition within 90 days of purchase. 4. Consumers should return laptops, tablets etc. within 14 days of purchase in their original condition. 5. Major appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers etc. should be returned within 90 days as per the date on the receipt. They should be in original condition. There are some items, which do not qualify for a return or exchange. The list of such items is large and available in the site. Some of these items are as follows: 1. Gift Cards do not qualify for a return. 2. Opened or used items do not qualify for a return. 3. Gas, oil and fuel products do not qualify for a return. 4. Jewelry and watches do not qualify for a return. 5. Products restricted by law do not qualify for a return. 6. Products bought in bulk having a value of above $1000 do not qualify for a return. 7. Products having manufacturer's warranty do not qualify for a return. The store also does not cover the shipping cost, which may incur while returning the items.

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How to Use BJ's Wholesale Club Coupon Codes?

How to Use BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons Codes?

The Wholesale Club sells its products from its stores at various locations where it offers its services as well as on its online site. When you buy the products online, you can make use of the Wholesale Club's coupon valid for the product. In this way, the price of the product will decrease as per the policy of the store. In order to use the BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons, you can follow the steps below:

1. To get the discounts from the club, you should go to the online site of the store at the address {www.bjs.com}

2. All the products of the store are listed on this address, which you can surf.

3. Search all the products that you want to purchase and by using the option of "Add to Cart", keep adding them.

4. Once you have added all the products that you need, you can move ahead to check out.

5. In order to do that you can click on "View Cart" or "Proceed to Checkout".

6. On this page, you can view all the products that you want to purchase.

7. On the same page, you can see an option "Promo Code" to use the BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons.

8. Add the coupon code in the box and click "Apply".

9. The code will process and you will get the discount.

BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons

How to Save from BJ's Wholesale Club?

BJ's Wholesale Club offers many opportunities with the help of which the users can get discounts. These discount options are diverse and mostly in the form of coupon codes, credit card discounts, free shipping, cash back and other limited time offers. Details of all these offers can be found online or on the site of the store. You can find detailed information on coupons offered by the company on the site of the store.

There are around 400 different coupon offerings available as of November 2018. The coupon offerings are for products in different categories. The discounts may vary from $0.25 to $5 on the purchase of a product. These discounts are available for different products of various brands. You can check the valid coupons by visiting the site. Some of the popular discount offerings by the store are available in the following categories at the moment:

1. 11 Coupon offerings on Beverage items.

2. 35 Coupon offerings on frozen food items.

3. 60 coupon offerings on household items.

4. 2 Coupon offerings on Apparel & Accessories items.

5. 1 Coupon offering on Electronic & Technology items.

6. 108 Coupon offerings on packaged food items.

7. 1 Coupon offering of office supply items.

8. 23 Coupon offerings on Baby & Toddlers items.

9. 22 Coupon offerings on Fresh food items.

10. 95 Coupon offerings on Beauty, Health & Personal care items.

11. 5 Coupon offerings on Pat care items.

BJ's Wholesale Club Review

BJ's Wholesale Club Coupons

BJ's Wholesale Club is a popular club in the state of Ohio and eastern parts of United States of America. Since it is a membership club, it becomes possible for the members to get some discounts on products of various brands. The products sold by the club are diverse in nature. It makes it easy for the members to purchase most of the products that they need.

The users can also avail the shipping services from the stores of the club. The users can place the orders online and by providing an address, collect the items on the given address. This is a convenient way of purchasing a wide range of products without having to connect a lot of retail stores. The store also offers its credit card with the help of which you can make online payments. The users of the credit card can also get extra discounts.

With all the discount offerings of the store, purchasing more by paying less is possible at BJ's Wholesale Club. The BJ's Wholesale Club coupons are also a source of discounts for the consumers. When you are purchasing from the store, always make sure to check the latest coupons available.

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