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About KFC

KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken is a famed and legendary American fast-food restaurant. It is only second to McDonald's in terms of sales in the fast food world. Its chickens are made with a special secret recipe that makes each piece tasty and perfectly crusty. This ingredient has earned the restaurant millions of fans worldwide. Apart from its savory fried chicken pieces, it also serves fries, sandwiches, and desserts. Most readers are probably aware of how successful KFC is, and the kind of meals served at KFC restaurants. However, very few are aware of the simple beginnings of this chain restaurant. Check out how KFC was founded as well as how you, as a frequent customer, can enjoy super savings through its many promotions.

KFC was founded by Harland Sanders in 1930 as Sanders Court and Café. Before starting his new café, Harland used to work as a salesman. He enjoyed limited success in his sales work but was able to get enough to buy a filling station. He started his café by converting one of the rooms at the station building into a café. Part of the furniture he used to furnish the new café was from his own house. At the café, Sanders served fried chicken and steaks. He had been taught to prepare such meals from a young age by his mother.

His quick meals proved to be popular with travelers. He soon became successful enough to acquire a second restaurant. He bought a filling station that was across the road from where he worked, to set up his second restaurant. He chose it because it happened to be more visible to customers. Soon his restaurants became the talk of the town. Sanders was awarded the highest honorary title by his state – the title of Kentucky Colonel. He then started dressing the part and calling himself a colonel, and was soon after referred to by everyone as Colonel Sanders.

Unhappy with the amount of time it took to prepare fried chicken, Colonel Sander made a few tweaks to the then new pressure cooker to make a pressure fryer. This shortened the amount of time it took to prepare meals at his café. This is also one of the unique innovations that distinguished KFC from other fast food restaurants from the very start. Moreover, Sanders also wrote an 11-ingredient secret recipe that he never made public. It is this original recipe that is still used to date to prepare fried chicken at all KFC locations. The flavorful crusty but succulent chicken made using this recipe is partly responsible for the early and continued success of the restaurant chain. Moreover, KFC was one of the first fast food restaurants in the US serving chicken while everyone else was focused on making burgers. This also contributed to the initial success of the business.

However, despite the success that his restaurants were enjoying, Sanders then became aware of the fact that a new highway was being planned in a different route, and that it would take business away from his restaurants. He then decided to sell his restaurants and to begin selling his pressure fryer and his secret recipe for restaurant owners. The owners would then pay him a cut for using his recipe and his name to advertise their businesses. One of the most influential customers Sanders sold the recipe to was Pete Harman. He is widely regarded as a co-founder of KFC. This is because it is his employee who coined the name Kentucky Fried Chicken. He is also responsible for trademarking the motto ‘It's finger-licking' good' and introducing and standardizing many KFC menu items including its bucket meals. The KFC sign is also attributed to him.

Due to the standardization and the increasing popularity of KFC, many restaurants became interested in franchising the KFC brand. Harland got a good number of offers before later selling his franchise to a group of investors who gave him millions of dollars plus a lifetime salary. The brand later changed hands a couple of times and was at separate times run by a famous company (Pepsi) and individual (Dave Thomas – the guy who founded Wendy's).

As of now, the company is owned by Yum Brands. It has nearly 20K restaurants operating worldwide. KFC's revenues are more than $23 billion a year. The company also has an enviable operating income.

The menu items at KFC are still finger-licking good. The Original Recipe fried chicken bucket remains the most popular item at the fast food restaurant. KFC also serves Smoky Mountain BBQ chicken, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, and other Southern-inspired chickens. Chicken sandwiches, plus sides such as Coleslaw, Mac and Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy are also available. Chef-prepared cookies and cakes are also prepared at KFC. A variety of sauces ensures that there is enough stimulation for your palates. Sodas, iced tea, and lemonade are also stocked aplenty in KFC locations to wash down the restaurant's delectable dishes.

KFC runs as many promotions as you would expect for a company of its size. There are discounts, freebies, deals, and $5 dollar meals that you can enjoy in KFC restaurants. 

KFC Free Shipping Policy

Kentucky Fried Chicken does not seem to have a free shipping policy. In most cases, KFC restaurants are run by franchisees. The franchises have their own pickup or delivery options. Some may have their own promotions and offers, which may include free shipping.

KFC Return Policy

Considering the nature of the merchandise sold by this company, returns are unlikely to be acceptable especially after delivery. However, if you have made an order in-store and there are obvious errors, you can probably negotiate a replacement or a refund with the restaurant.

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How to Use KFC Coupon Codes?

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the few fast food companies with an extremely efficient online ordering system. Most restaurants usually don't have such a system or don't allow the use of such a system. However, you can order your food, and apply a discount code on your order on the KFC website. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find out how you can apply your discount code.

1.       Visit the official KFC website (www.kfc.com ).

2.       Click the hovering 'FIND A KFC NEAR YOU' button at the bottom of the page.

3.       Enter your zip code and the website will automatically find the nearest KFC to you.

4.       Select nearest KFC and click 'Place Your Catering Order Online.' You will be redirected to KFC's catering website.

5.       The first page on the website is 'ORDER INFO.' Select between the two options; 'PICKUP' and 'DELIVERY.' Then select the date and time and click ‘START ORDER.'

6.       The second page on the website is 'SELECT FOOD.' Do so and then click 'ADD TO CART.'

7.       The third page on the website is ‘REVIEW and PAYMENT.' Review order and enter additional instructions.

8.       At the bottom of the page, there is a field marked 'DISCOUNT CODE.' This is where you should add your coupon or promo code. Do it and then click 'CHECKOUT.'

9.       Complete the order by filling in your personal and contact information.

10.     Wait for the order to be delivered.

Remember that it is important you enter your correct contact information. The store will call you to confirm the order and if they can't reach you the order will probably be canceled. 

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How to Save at KFC?

As mentioned earlier, KFC has dozens of promotions. Make sure you use them to cut your weekly/ monthly fried chicken budget.

You can save big at KFC by frequently visiting the dedicated promotions page on their website. The page has the latest deals and combos by KFC. For example, as at the time of publishing this article, there is a $5 FILL UPS promotion. In this promotion, you pay five dollars only and you will get a medium combo with drumsticks and thighs plus a medium drink.

If you are with a friend or your family, order the bigger combos as they are always being sold at a discount and they've got enough pieces for everyone.

To stay up to date with the latest promotions on Kentucky Fried Chicken, make sure you subscribe to their email subscription program. The program is known as THE COLONEL'S CLUB. Members of the club receive exclusive email offers, deals, and coupons that they can use during checkout when ordering online or dining at one of KFC's many branches.  

You can also find discount codes on a number of other websites similar to ours. However, most of the time those are usually the same offers as those you will find on KFC's promotion page.

Although the American KFC does not seem to have a gift card system, various KFCs around the globe usually sell gift cards. Therefore, if you are outside the country, make sure you get the cards at a discount and then use them to buy food at the foreign KFCs. 

KFC Review

KFC is one of a kind fast food restaurant. Unlike most fast food restaurants that mainly serve burgers, KFC serves fried chicken. The restaurant was started in 1930 by Harland Sanders.

Sanders had learned cooking from a very young age and served his first customers, who were mostly travelers, with fried chicken, steak, and ham. His restaurant soon proved to be extremely popular, and he became quite successful. Sanders then opened another restaurant, and introduced two unique things to his business; a unique secret recipe made of 11 spices and herbs, and a pressure fryer. These two unique things continue defining the restaurant although the pressure fryer has been improved even further to cut down the time it takes to prepare fried chicken.

Sanders later sold his restaurants and started selling his secret formula. Together with his friend, Pete Hamman, he then standardized and started selling the whole package as a franchise. Right now, the restaurant is one of the biggest companies in the world with over $20 billion in revenues. Its menu has been improved and millions of individuals dine at its 20,000 restaurants every day.

The best meal sold on KFC is the company's mouth-watering, extra-crispy, extra-good chicken. The chicken features a double layer of bread, for a crispy, flaky bite. It is also very succulent and tender for maximum enjoyment. Make sure you try it if you haven't.

Visit the restaurant's promotion page to save money while ordering on the KFC website. Also, sign up for the chain restaurant's COLONEL CLUB program for exclusive offers and deals.

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